It’s okay to lie, but don’t lie too big. It’s okay to lie a bit but you know, don’t get ahead of yourself when you create your profile on https://www.fuckforfree.org . You know, small white lies like I lost a few pounds here and there– that’s okay. But if you’re going to lie like you’re a millionaire or you have an 18-inch cock, then it’s going to be a problem. The iron rule of lying to women or to anybody else for that matter is that make sure that its very easy to disavow. That’s how you separate good liars from crappy liars. Crappy liars just fucking lie by the seat of their pants. They end up burned again and again.

Good liars take advantage of ambiguity they take advantage of situation that change and that they are able to come up with excuses that seem honest and logical. So, it’s okay to lie. But just don’t lie too big and if you’ll lie, make sure that it’s very easy to disavow.

Invest in your profile

As I mentioned, there are just so many dudes out there that you have to get a competitive advantage. You’re competitive vantage is that your profile. Seriously, your profile is going to make or break your career at free fuck finder sites. If you love hanging g out at free fuck sites, make sure that you also love filling out your profile. I’m not just talking about putting a picture of your 18-inch cock there. While that is definitely a step in the right direction, there’s still something more.


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