How to choose an escort name

If you are aspiring to join the escort industry, you are probably thinking of branding yourself to impress and attract new clients. The first element of branding is primarily your name.  Your name presents part of your personality and it is how clients tell how to identify you. Your name plays a central role in your personal marketing which implies your unique identification by customers.

While choosing an escort name “a stage name” for yourself in the escort industry may seem obvious, it really isn’t.

Here are some practical tips on how to choose an ideal escort name “stage name” in the adult industry as an escort.

  1. Most escorts new to the adult industry make the mistake of settling for a common name such as Nikki, Amber or Candy. While choosing a common name might seem a good choice, it does sound cliché. A common name does not help set you apart from other escorts who are competing with you. It is always better to choose a unique name that will set you apart and let be known as a brand of your own. It might seem daunting to find a unique name for yourself since it takes creativity to invent a name, but a little search on howmanyofme.com will help you filter names that are too common. Thus, your new “stage name” will have some level of authenticity.
  2. Chose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. Choosing a name does not go without considering its implication for your online marketing and branding efforts. If you are going to be using online platforms or not it is good to have a name that will be easy to pronounce or “google search” since names with difficult spelling or pronunciation will create awkwardness and make clients chose escorts over you to avoid the trouble or embarrassment of mispronouncing your name.
  3. Use a name with a favourable connotation or thematic reference. Using a name from a piece of literature or film feature qualifies for a good choice since clients will associate you with the traits of the character. It will serve as an attraction for them to desire association with you.

4. Avoid using “hooker” names; otherwise you risk being perceived as trashy and cheap. Hooker names will give you a poor rating among customers since they perceive hookers to be cheap and not worthy of respect. The most common hooker names to avoid include, Trixie, Angel, Cherry, Destiny, Brittany and Desiree.

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