Meet Lisa Canon

Please give a warm welcome to Lisa Canon, a brand-new girl who is modeling for the very first time anywhere! Fresh. Young. New. Packed up top. Pretty. We are happy Lisa chose XLGirls.com first for this honor. In the opener of the video Meet Lisa Canon, the newbie tittie-chats with XL Girls magazine editor Allie. “I’m nervous,” 20…


The 62-inch treasure chest

Anorei Collins on video sucks you into her world. She really knows how to relate and she knows what to say and how to say it. Some models are extremely quiet on video, almost silent. Anorei, a web cam model, knows how to establish that link. In this XLGirls.com show, Anorei kicks off the action wearing a skin-tight purple mini-dress, she…


Danish Pastry

Danish queen of XLGirls, Maria Verbeck is beautiful to watch on video. In bed rubbing her nipples and clit, or showering afterwards, Maria is very proud of her body. Much of that comes from the Scandinavian attitude about the body and sex. It’s all natural and healthy to express one’s humanity without fear of stigma, loss and criticism. It was a good day when Maria decided to share the wealth. If that’s socialism, we’ll take very inch. Maria has two faces. One is the scrubbed face of the girl-next-door and the other is the made-up Maria with painted lips and some mascara. But she never overdoes it. Maria is not shy although she may give that impression. “I’ve never met a man yet who didn’t like to have his cock sucked, so if I like a guy enough that we’re making out…



There is a big tragedy going on in America right now. It seems that a lot of guys think that only sorority-type women are hot. This is why so many dudes are gunning after hot women with tight bodies. The truth is, if this is your mentality you are overlooking one truly hot population that you should be fucking.

I am, of course, talking about BBW singles in the bbw dating game. These women have beautiful angelic faces, voluptuous proportionate bodies, and are over 50 pounds overweight. These women bring a lot of game. They can rock your world and they can fuck you so good you would fall into the very hard-to-resist trap of  “once you go fat, you never go back.”

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have turned a blind eye to this. They’re completely clueless to this. Sadly, a lot of them only discover BBW singles once they’re in their 30s. Talk about a tragedy. If you are a guy of 19 or older and you are at your sexual peak, listen up. This can change your life. So, why do many guys overlook hot, eager women?

Peer pressure

There’s an old joke: “What what do fucking fat chicks and riding mopeds have in common?” “They’re a lot of fun, but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you riding one.” Ha ha ha, right? The truth is, there’s a lot of pressure out there. I would submit that the main reason why guys tend to prefer chicks of a certain type over another type is because of peer pressure. They don’t really know why they prefer these chicks because they are not thinking for themselves. But if you have a brain, you might want to think for yourself. Then you would realize that there are lots of hot women out there.

Outdated stereotypes

There are also stereotypes regarding bigger people. One common stereotype is that fat people are nasty, they smell like onions, and all sorts of bullshit. The truth is, bigger women can rock your world. In fact, they can rock your world so hard that you’ll end up saying, “Once you go fat, you never go back.” There’s a lot of truth to this. Just as the saying “once you go black, you never go back” is true for many white women, this saying regarding BBWs is true for many guys.


Holly Jayde

This girl is so hot, the perfect plumper. Love to see a lot more of her on the site.” “Holly gives me a huge hard-on. Good work finding her! She’s a keeper! I love how she gets it on!” “If a plump woman can be this hot, I’m going to go out and find one for me tonight!” Just some of the comments about New Discovery Holly Jayde, a California.


Spunk inside Angellyne Hart

Angellyne Hart and her date have returned home from a night out. He’s horny. She’s horny. They need to do something about it and fast. He waits for her to come out of the bathroom. When she does and approaches him, she lowers her dress and brassiere so he can worship her tits. He buries his face in them and she pummels him,…


She well smother you

This is one of the times in an XLGirl.com interview opener that starts the sexin’ before the interview wraps up! Analee Sands is a fresh, new model from Illinois. She learned about XL Girls from a friend, something that’s often the case here. But not enough. He kept on Analee to apply and after a week, she agreed. We didn’t keep her…


Charlie gets shagged

Back by popular request, Charlie Cooper returns for more fun and games. Charlie watches adult videos herself and what kind does she like? “Porn with girls with big boobs and big butts. That way I can pretend it’s me.” We don’t know if Charlie watches her vids and checks out her pictures at XLGirls but we have the feeling she does.


Big tits and a tight butthole

Big Tits And A Tight Butthole opens with an important announcement from the woman who makes this video possible. Kendra Grace! “Hello boys, welcome back!” says Kendra, making a happy face, her eyes fixed on the XL Man watching. She has a devilish smile on her lips, like she knows a secret that she is about to share. “This is Kendra Grace.


Big-boobed detonation

Charlie Cooper is dressed to thrill but no one’s going out on the town. No Mardi Gras carousing. Charlie is staying in and she’s going to put on a private show. First, she will tease. Her spectacular tits will please. She could jiggle those babies all night. That bouncing and shaking can drive a guy completely nuts. The XLGirls camera…