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Some people enjoy premium porn more than they do free porn. It’s easy to see why as the quality is much better. However, you can’t gloss over the fact that there are literally millions of free pornos out there to check out. It might be true that the premium porn tube sites have a bigger selection of high-quality content, but free porn has a lot more variety. At the end of the day, none of this matters when you’re looking for British porn. When you’re in that niche, then you just need a place where you can choose between premium and free porn sites as long as they’re British. Well, such a site exists, and it goes by the domain name of Check out the hottest free UK Porn Sites, as well as the best premium pornos on their respective exclusive porn platforms.


It’s okay to lie, but don’t lie too big. It’s okay to lie a bit but you know, don’t get ahead of yourself when you create your profile on . You know, small white lies like I lost a few pounds here and there– that’s okay. But if you’re going to lie like you’re a millionaire or you have an 18-inch cock, then it’s going to be a problem. The iron rule of lying to women or to anybody else for that matter is that make sure that its very easy to disavow. That’s how you separate good liars from crappy liars. Crappy liars just fucking lie by the seat of their pants. They end up burned again and again.

Good liars take advantage of ambiguity they take advantage of situation that change and that they are able to come up with excuses that seem honest and logical. So, it’s okay to lie. But just don’t lie too big and if you’ll lie, make sure that it’s very easy to disavow.

Invest in your profile

As I mentioned, there are just so many dudes out there that you have to get a competitive advantage. You’re competitive vantage is that your profile. Seriously, your profile is going to make or break your career at free fuck finder sites. If you love hanging g out at free fuck sites, make sure that you also love filling out your profile. I’m not just talking about putting a picture of your 18-inch cock there. While that is definitely a step in the right direction, there’s still something more.



If you’ve joined a cougar site, you probably are thinking that you are a complete and total loser. You’re probably thinking that you don’t have what it takes to hook up with women in the real world. Well, you don’t need to beat yourself up unnecessarily. You don’t have to be so harsh on yourself.

You have to understand that when it comes to hooking up with any kind of pussy, doing it online is the best way to go. If anything, joining a cougar site like says to the world that you are a smart cookie. Seriously. You value your time, you focus on efficiency, and you go about trying to increase the likelihood that you would actually hook up with the type of pussy that you want. You know what you want and you obviously know how to get it. So stop apologizing for the fact that you joined a cougar site.

Everybody’s entitled to their own fetish as far as adult dating goes. Nobody’s beating up on dudes who prefer tender, young college girls aged 18 and above. Nobody’s hassling dudes who prefer Asian women. So why should guys who joined and participate in the typical cougar site be any different? Do you see how this works?

So focus more on caring about what you think about yourself and less about what other people think of you because, let’s face it, what other people think of you is not going to get you pussy. No way. Not in a million years. On the other hand, what you think about yourself is the determining factor whether you get to fuck cougars or not. That’s the bottom line.

So focus on what’s important. Focus on how you can adopt the right mindset so you can get a lot more cougar pussy. It’s all about you. So get out there and do it because, guess what? Nobody else would do it for you.



A BBW finder site is a website that claims to be able to help you find Big Beautiful women. At present, you’re most likely thinking to yourself “what’s the difference between a BBW finder site like and a typical adult dating site?” that’s an excellent question because how you answer that question will indicate whether you have found an authentic and genuine BBW finder website that is worth using and a counterfeit.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “A counterfeit? Why would anybody want to counterfeit a BBW website?” Let me break it down to you, BBW specialties dating sites are all the rage because they make a lot of money. In today’s online dating world, where it’s very saturated and highly competitive, you need an edge; you need niche specialty. A BBW finder focuses only on helping men, regardless of their weight, find Big Beautiful women.

Compare this with getting on the mobile app Tinder. It doesn’t even compare. When you go on tinder, you would realize that there are a lot of overweight women there but there are also a lot thinner women. There are white women, African-American women, Asian American women, women from the south-east Asia, so on and so forth. While this diversity and selection may be a good thing, It can also be a bad thing if you’re just looking for particular type of women.

This is why the BBW finder very big right now because men are looking for only a specific type of chick. You have to be very careful; you have to make sure that you’re dealing authentic BBW finder site. There are lots of fake websites out there. The good news is you can easily tell a fake from the genuine article.

You just go to the website and look at the profiles, is most of the profile, there are actually overweight women, afterwards you are at the right website. Now if you noticed that a lot of chicks, there are simply suffering from water retention or a little chunky, then you know you’re dealing with a bogus site. That site is not going to be worthy of your time. So be very careful where you spend your time because there are lots of bogus BBW sites out there.


How to choose an escort name

If you are aspiring to join the escort industry, you are probably thinking of branding yourself to impress and attract new clients. The first element of branding is primarily your name.  Your name presents part of your personality and it is how clients tell how to identify you. Your name plays a central role in your personal marketing which implies your unique identification by customers.

While choosing an escort name “a stage name” for yourself in the escort industry may seem obvious, it really isn’t.

Here are some practical tips on how to choose an ideal escort name “stage name” in the adult industry as an escort.